pulsating pain in your head

What Do Pulsating Headaches Mean?

Is there anything worse than waking up in the morning with a headache that you can’t explain? What could be causing the pain in your head, and more importantly, especially if you are dealing with a pulsating pain in your head, what can be done to eliminate the pain you are facing?

There are several reasons you might be dealing with a pulsating headache. Here are a few things that this problem could point to.

Sinus issues

pulsating pain in your head

If you are dealing with a sinus infection, it can trigger headaches. When your nasal passages become inflamed, the pain is similar to a headache. Another problem connected to this is people who deal with allergies experience sinus infections often and the inflammation from those allergies can cause pain in their head.

Dental or ear problems

If you have had problems with teeth or have had dental work on them recently, then a pulsating headache can come from that. An ear infection will also create pressure in the ears and if it rises up into your forehead area of the brain then you could be facing a pulsating headache that causes pain.


Tension-type headaches or even migraines can be caused by your diet. Chocolate can cause pressure in your head if you have a sensitivity to it and too much sugar or caffeine can be the trigger for headaches that seem like they are coming from the inside of the skull, not just on the surface area.

If you find yourself facing one of these headaches, make sure you do something to try to combat it. You can try over-the-counter headache relief medicine to see if it will help, but if you don’t have any luck, make sure you visit with your doctor and ask for recommendations for what you can do to finally get rid of pulsing headaches so you can go back to enjoying your life as pain-free as possible.