makoplasty surgeons in Mount Pleasant

What Is Makoplasty Surgery?

Those of you afraid of robots; please close your eyes. But on second thoughts, you had better read this. It is in your best interests to do so. Because who knows, perhaps someday, you would have to be in consultation with makoplasty surgeons in Mount Pleasant.

Because accidents do happen. And people, if they live long enough, will age. 

And by the time you are given the all clear to leave your wheelchair as per standard hospital procedure, you should be pleasantly surprised. In case you have not heard by now, robotic surgical practices are proving to be a lot more effective than conventional surgical practices. There is surprisingly far less pain or discomfort. Surgical precision is more accurate and the results are of course more successful. Recovery times are also shortened.

In the robotic event a robotic arm interactive orthopedic system is being used. Is that term too long for you? Well, alright; you can refer to it as RIO. the system helps to relieve pain caused by osteoarthritis. The procedure entails performing a partial knee replacement. It is less invasive than the conventional practices still being referred to. It begins the smallest of incisions, a far cry from the eight inch incisions made during the traditional total knee replacement surgery procedure.

makoplasty surgeons in Mount Pleasant

Robotic surgery is also making use of 3D computer imaging, mimicking the CT scan. The imaging work helps the surgeon to determine optimal implant size, position and alignment as the case may be for the patients he treats. The robotic arm provides visual, auditory and tactile control. This helps the surgeon to map out the areas of bone that he needs to remove. Also, only bone that needs to be removed is removed.    

And so there you go. Fear not the robot.